Bottle, pET bottle, Recycled PET, met vaste dop, 1000ml, transparant/oranje

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Present your fresh juices and other chilled drinks in these transparent juice bottles made of both new and recycled PET and with tethered orange screw caps.

Transparent PET bottles with caps

These sturdy, crystal-clear juice bottles are ideal containers for fruit juices, fruit smoothies and other fresh cold drinks that will be consumed immediately or taken away for consumption later. The attractive PET bottles will extend the shelf-life of cold drinks and look appealing and professional in your chiller cabinet or counter. These PET bottles contain a percentage (50%) of recycled PET (RPET).

Crystal-clear and securely closed

RPET, like PET, is crystal-clear. This makes it ideal for presenting fresh food and drinks. The handy packaging is hygienic and leak-proof, which makes it an efficient alternative to cans and glass bottles. These juice bottles are supplied with tethered, sealable screw caps that show very clearly if the bottle has been opened since it was filled and sealed. This tamper-proof closure increases the customer’s feeling of freshness and quality. Because the caps are tethered to the bottles they remain firmly attached when the bottle is opened and during use. This means the caps will not be ‘lost’ into the environment.

With recycled PET (RPET)

The contents of a food packaging must not come into direct contact with recycled material. This is why these juice bottles have an inner layer of PET and an outer layer that includes a percentage of RPET. This structure enables us to offer you a solution for presenting your fresh juices and other chilled drinks that is both food-safe and environmentally-responsible.

What is RPET?

PET is a plastic material used to produce (soft) drink bottles used by consumers. After use these PET bottles are collected and melted to create RPET – a new, recycled, material that is used to manufacture new juice bottles. Converting PET into RPET is less harmful for the environment than using new raw materials to make new PET. Bottles that include RPET can be recycled after use in just the same way as traditional PET bottles.

Various sizes

The juice bottles incorporating a percentage of RPET are available in five sizes: 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1,000 ml, and both with and without tethered screw caps. Order all the sizes you use and you will always have the right juice bottles to hand for your fresh fruit juices, smoothies and other fresh cold drinks. A perfect choice for supermarkets, fresh produce shops, delicatessen shops, lunchrooms, take-away restaurants and caterers.

Product code 449913
Brand Neutraal
EAN 08719747463987
Colour Transparant/oranje
Environment and quality
SUP material property Is made of plastic
Quality hallmark Food-safe
Material Recycled PET
Model Met vaste dop
Version PET bottle
Quantity per pallet 1120
Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 1000

Brand Neutraal

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