Circular&Co. Bottle, Gerecycled PET, reusable, 600ml, grey/Green

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Take water or another cold drink with you in one of these reusable bottles made partially from recycled material and with a smart push-click 360° drinking lid.

Reusable drink bottles (partially) made from recycled PET

If you’re going out and want to take a drink of water, fruit juice, iced tea or other cold drink with you, one of these reusable Circular&Co. drink bottles is just what you need. The lightweight, leakproof bottles hold 600 ml – an ideal size to take to work, to school or on an outing. You can also take the stylish, reusable bottle to your favourite to-go kiosk to have filled with water or your favourite cold drink. This means you no longer need disposable bottles or cups to be able to enjoy a refreshing cool drink anywhere and at any time.

Perfect for on-the-way

The to-go bottle has been specially designed for use while on the move. The insulating bottle keeps cold drinks cold for over an hour, is lightweight, 100% leakproof and has a Circular&Co. push-click lid. This unique lid can be opened and closed using one hand and can be drunk from at any point around the lid – the ‘360° drinking experience’. The body of the bottle must be washed by hand, the lid is top-shelf-of-the-dishwasher safe. The grey disk component at the top of the lid can be cleaned separately: simply pop it off using a small spoon and to replace it put the lid on a hard surface, position the disk and then press the centre until it clicks into place.

Made partially from recycled PET bottles

The outside of the sustainable bottle is made from 14 recycled disposable bottles. Reusing existing PET plastic means less new raw material is needed to manufacture the Circular&Co. bottles. The food-safe material also contains no harmful substances such as BPA, melamine and formaldehyde. The drink bottles have a lifespan of at least 10 years after which they can once again be recycled.

Personalisation possible

Are you going to order a larger quantity of these reusable Circular&Co. drink bottles, for example for your school, company or institution as a gift for your pupils, staff or business relations? If you are, why not make the bottles more recognisable by having them printed with your own logo or some other personalised design. The reusable drink bottles are sold per piece in several different colour combinations. Our range also includes the handy Circular&Co. reusable hot drink cups.

Product code 601302
Brand Circular&Co.
EAN 5060210005580
Colour Grey/Green
Material Gerecycled PET
Model Reusable
Dishwasher safe No
Quantity per pallet 576
Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 600
Contents (oz) 21


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