Depa®, Cup, I´M a HOT cup, PP, reusable, automaatgeschikt, 180ml, 7.5oz, 96mm, taupe

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Serve your hot drinks in these sturdy reusable I’m a reusable HOT cup cups and your customers can enjoy your delicious tea or coffee even more because it is waste-free.

Reusable I’m a HOT cup drinks cups

Using these reusable coffee cups is a simple way to comply with the SUP legislation related to serving coffee, tea and other hot drinks for on-the-spot consumption. The cups are printed not only with the hip text ‘I’m a reusable HOT cup’ on the front but also with the word ‘REUSABLE’ around the rim. This ensures everyone will know used cups should not be thrown away. The drinks cups are also suitable for use in coffee vending machines. This makes them an ideal solution for ‘closed’ locations such as company, school and sports club canteens, warehouses, and (care) institutions as well as for events and festivals.

Sturdy, unbreakable and functional

The drinks cups are made in Europe from sturdy, BPA-free polypropylene (PP). This unbreakable material is durable and at the end of its ‘life’ can be recycled. Their ‘traditional’ shape and 180 ml (7.5 fluid oz.) capacity means the cups can be used in every coffee (vending) machine. The functional cups also stack perfectly, can be taken off the stack very easily and are dishwasher-proof.

Cheeky and saucy

The cups are printed with the somewhat cheeky text ‘I'M A reusable HOT CUP’ with its saucy double meaning. Read just the large letters and the text says I'M HOT. Isn’t that what everybody wants to be? Maybe that’s why the cups can be seen so often in TV series and in the hands of celebrities.

Communicate your cup collection

Good communication is essential for successful collections. Ask your staff, guests and/or customers to hand in their cups after use so they can be washed and reused. You can do this via an eye-catching display and explanation next to your coffee machine, with posters or with stickers. Set up a collection point for returning the cups or stand a handy cup collector or special waste bin for reusable items in a convenient position. It’s how together we are making disposable cups a thing of the past.

Also unprinted or printed with your own design

The reusable drinks cups from our neutral range are also available in white or taupe. If you wish the cups can be printed with your company logo and/or a message that will encourage handing them in and thus their reuse. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Product code 603002
Brand Depa®
EAN 08710653238430
Pattern I´M a HOT cup
Colour Taupe
Environment and quality
SUP material property Is made of plastic
Quality hallmark Food-safe
Material PP
Model Reusable
Model Automaatgeschikt
Dishwasher safe Yes
Version Cup
Quantity per pallet 7560
Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 180
Diameter (mm) 70.3
Height (mm) 96
Contents (oz) 7.5

Brand Depa®

The depa brand has been offering a total range of food and drink packaging for entrepreneurs in the food service and retail sectors since 1947. Thanks to its range of packaging made from natural materials and offering smart solutions that reduce environmental-impact by enabling reuse, depa makes eating delicious food anywhere and at any time special, convivial and convenient. Below you will find an overview of all the available depa products: from films to cups and glasses and from snack containers to cutlery.

Innovative food and drink packaging from depa: sustainable and user-friendly
Since 1947 the depa brand has offered a wide range of food and drink packaging for entrepreneurs in the food service and retail sectors. What makes depa and its range so outstanding is the combination of a clear view of national and international trends and developments with an in-depth insight into the day-to-day business operations of entrepreneurs and their employees in the food service and retail sectors.

Whatever depa packaging solution you choose, the name ‘depa’ guarantees innovation, sustainability and optimal ease of use. From plates, cups, glasses, containers, tubs, cutlery, boxes and bottles to pots, carrier bags and much more – depa offers high-quality solutions that meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs. Make a conscious choice for sustainable and user-friendly packaging by opting for the trusted depa brand.


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