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Depa®, Milkshake cup, Refresh, Cardboard + PE, 400ml, 16oz, 128mm,

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Let everyone enjoy your milkshakes out of these summery cardboard Refresh milkshake cups.

Cardboard Refresh milkshake cups

The text on these cheerful milkshake cups couldn’t be clearer: Refresh yourself! And the bright mix of colours on the cups will ensure a summery feeling that will bring a smile to your customers’ faces. The trendy milkshake cups will be at home in every ice-cream parlour, lunchroom and snack bar. Add a paper milkshake straw and present your customers with pure enjoyment.

Sturdy and versatile

These cheerful milkshake cups are made of sturdy cardboard. A double-sided layer of food-safe and taste-neutral PE-coating ensures the cups are waterproof. Because these disposable cups contain plastic (see the information on the cup) they may not be disposed of with the paper waste. Use the refreshing Refresh cups for your milkshakes, fruit smoothies, yoghurt drinks, fresh fruit juices, lemonades, soft drinks and other cold drinks.

Handy lids with X-slot

Do you deliver milkshakes and other cold drinks or sell them ‘to-go’? If you do, these lids (available separately) will ensure the cups are closed securely and hygienically. The transparent plastic lids have a practical X-slot opening in the centre that holds a straw in place so leaks and spills are prevented. One size of lid fits all three sizes of milkshake cup.

Three sizes

The cardboard Refresh milkshake cups are available in three handy sizes ranging from a 300 ml cup for a small milkshake to a 500 ml cup for a very generous milkshake. With all three sizes in house you will always have the ideal size to suit every customer.

Product code 601254
Brand Depa®
EAN 08710653078456
Waste Management Fee De afvalbeheerbijdrage voor dit product bedraagt € 0,2385 incl. BTW.
Pattern Refresh
Environment and quality
SUP material property Contains plastic
Environmental hallmark FSC Mix
Quality hallmark Food-safe
Material Cardboard + PE
Version Milkshake cup
Quantity per pallet 12000
Weights and measures
Diameter (mm) 90
Contents (ml) 400
Height (mm) 128
Contents (oz) 16

Brand Depa®

The depa brand has been offering a total range of food and drink packaging for entrepreneurs in the food service and retail sectors since 1947. Thanks to its range of packaging made from natural materials and offering smart solutions that reduce environmental-impact by enabling reuse, depa makes eating delicious food anywhere and at any time special, convivial and convenient. Below you will find an overview of all the available depa products: from films to cups and glasses and from snack containers to cutlery.

Innovative food and drink packaging from depa: sustainable and user-friendly
Since 1947 the depa brand has offered a wide range of food and drink packaging for entrepreneurs in the food service and retail sectors. What makes depa and its range so outstanding is the combination of a clear view of national and international trends and developments with an in-depth insight into the day-to-day business operations of entrepreneurs and their employees in the food service and retail sectors.

Whatever depa packaging solution you choose, the name ‘depa’ guarantees innovation, sustainability and optimal ease of use. From plates, cups, glasses, containers, tubs, cutlery, boxes and bottles to pots, carrier bags and much more – depa offers high-quality solutions that meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs. Make a conscious choice for sustainable and user-friendly packaging by opting for the trusted depa brand.


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