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Increase the shelf-life of fresh food in seconds with this compact VS100S vacuum sealer.

Compact VS100S vacuum sealer

This compact vacuum sealer is perfect for creating a vacuum in and then sealing flat vacuum bags of food including cheese, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and snacks. The reduced oxygen level in the bag retards the multiplication of moulds and bacteria, which improves food-safety. The shelf-life of the vacuum packed food is increased by up to five times and the taste and freshness is retained for longer. Food sealed in a vacuum bag takes up less space and reduces food waste. On top of that, food stored in a freezer in a vacuum bag dries out slower.

Professional product presentation

Vacuum packaging ensures a professional product presentation. This table-top vacuum sealer is ideal for the fast packaging of fresh food in the catering and food retail sectors. The lightweight and compact sealer can be stood on the counter, draining board or worktop or work table for immediate and repeated use. Opened bags can be reclosed very quickly with the vacuum sealer and the machine is ideal for sous-vide food preparation (vacuum tenderising in a hot-water bath). Non-food articles, such as magazines, letters, toys and household articles can also be protected from dirt and damp by being vacuum packed.

For embossed tube bags

The VS100S vacuum sealer has a sturdy, stainless steel housing that is easy to clean. The sealer can handle flat bags up to 28 centimetres wide. The broad sealing line prevents air leakage and guarantees longer preservation of the high degree of vacuum. Use vacuum bags with a coarse structure (embossing) as these are particularly suited for use with vacuum sealers without a vacuum chamber, which means the bags remain outside the sealer machine. These lava tube vacuum bags are available separately.

Easy operation

The sealer is easy to operate using the four buttons Vacuum, Cancel, Pulse and Seal. Press the Vacuum button and in just three seconds the air will be removed from the bag and then the bag will automatically be sealed. Pressing the Cancel button interrupts the process. Use the Pulse button to vacuum soft, fragile or crispy products by hand so they do not break. The vacuum pump starts when you press on the Pulse button and stops immediately when you release the button. When the vacuum level in the bag holds it firmly around the article without crushing it press the Seal button to seal the bag.

This is how the VS100S works

Open the sealing flap by pressing the buttons on both sides of the machine. Lay the open top side of the bag neatly flat and straight in the vacuum pump space. Close the flap by pressing on both sides until you hear a click. Press the Vacuum button to start the pump sucking the air out of the bag. As soon as all the air has been removed the sealer will automatically seal the bag so it is airtight. Press the buttons on the side of the machine to open the flap so you can take out the vacuumed and sealed bag.

With plus and instructions

The vacuum sealer comes with a fixed power cord and a detailed user manual. This vacuum sealer is also suitable for vacuuming vacuum canisters. Canisters and hose are not supplied with the sealer.

Product code 510220
Brand Neutraal
EAN 08714215150505
Type VS100S
Quantity per pallet 168
Weights and measures
Length (mm) 340
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 64
Weight (kg) 6

Brand Neutraal

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